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How to look after and maintain your new pine furniture

Froud’s Furniture Stain – £6

Every piece of furniture that we sell has been given one coat of Froud’s Furniture Stain.

This is a great stain for new doors and general woodwork, when used with tinted wax.

All waxed pine can mark with liquids easily; pine is a very soft wood so it can dent and scratch easily too. If you apply a little wax from time to time most of these marks will disappear or at least fade.

• Apply the wax with a cloth or fine wire wool (with the grain).
• Care should be taken not to rub too hard in a too smaller area as this may leave you with a pale patch instead of the mark.
• A certain amount of judgment is required.
• Any remaining marks will become part of the character of the piece (patina).
• The more wax applied over the years the more it will gain in the way of protection.

Froud’s Furniture Reviver – £6

If you do not want the waxed look, then you can give your furniture a scrub with Froud’s Furniture Reviver. It will remove all the wax, grime and stains. It will also lift the grain, thus improving dents and scratches.

Useful tip to steam out dents

You can use a warm iron and a damp cloth to steam out dents, but remember to keep the iron moving. When the surface is dry you may need to apply a more wax.

Speak to Bob about caring for your pine furniture

For more information or advice about caring for your furniture, please call Bob on 01243 51304, or click through to our Contact page and drive out to visit us. We would be pleased to talk you through the best way to keep your furniture in tip top shape.

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